Motorhomes with real wood veneer

Attractive veneers lend luxury motor homes a charming feel-good atmosphere

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Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular. Hardly surprising: after all, they are the epitome of limitless freedom and adventure. On the road, modern motorhomes are extremely impressive to look at.

Their interiors are also impressive – thanks to exquisite wood veneers. First class furniture fronts finished with exclusive veneers lend the motorhome interior extraordinary elegance and a charming feel-good atmosphere.

Innengestaltung eines Wohnmobils mit Furnier

Schöne Furniere verleihen Luxuswohnmobilen eine charmante Wohlfühlatmosphäre

The trend towards individualisation has long since taken hold. Gone are the times when most customers were satisfied an off-the-shelf motorhome. An individually designed interior is en vogue. Furniture with real wood veneers plays a decisive role in this; after all, each veneer is unique. “Some customers also have very extravagant wishes”, reports the managing director of VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH, Frank Mix, knowingly.

For example, one furniture maker had their 250 year-old, stored oakwood from their Family property installed exclusively in their motorhome. The surfaces remained untreated. On entering their motorhome just after it had been completed, the customer got goosebumps.

Wohnmobil mit 250 Jahren Eichenholzfurnier

Wohnmobil mit Kirschfurnier

Managing director
Frank Mix

VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH has been producing motorhomes in the Lower-Saxony town of Bohmte since 1981. Their unique interior designs with fine veneers are convincing sales arguments. Frank Mix manages the family-run business company in the second generation and knows how veneers can be used in the interiors of motorhomes to create a comfortable and charming feel-good atmosphere.