Lucerne Central and University Library: Fine veneers refine the interior


Bonn. The city of Lucerne is the social and cultural center of Central Switzerland. It is obvious that the canton's central and university library has been located there since...

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Veneer musical instruments: The tone makes the music


Bonn. Since time immemorial, people have loved their singing accompanied by sounding instruments. Musical instruments are therefore as old as mankind itself. Music is a balm f...

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Newly renovated: Villa Karla in Topolcany, Slovakia Hotel furnished with trendy veneers from europlac


Bonn. About 100 kilometres north-east of the Slovakian capital Bratislava, the small town of Topolcany is located in the Danube hill country. It is an attraction for hiking and ...

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The second life of a tree: How veneer is made


Bonn. Veneer? What is veneer anyway? Yes, it has something to do with wood: Veneer is basically made from real, natural wood and is laboriously extracted. To turn a tree into ve...

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Care tips for veneer: How to keep veneer surfaces permanently beautiful and precious


Bonn. Furniture with real wood veneer surfaces knows how to inspire. In order for them to retain their unique and attractive appearance over the long term, they too must be car...

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