IFN General Meeting

On Thursday, June 22, 2023, the annual IFN Members' Meeting will be held for the first time at the Austrian member frsicheis, in Stockerau near Vienna. For this purpose, frsicheis has made the JAF Academy available as a meeting venue. The meeting of the international initiative will start at noon with many different items on the agenda. After ten years as chairman of the IFN board, Axel Groh will start by taking stock of the development of the IFN. After a discussion on the current economic situation and forecast, the activities of the office will be reported. As a guest speaker the members welcome Dr. Klaus Hennenberg from the Öko-Institut and look forward to his impulse lecture on the "Role of forest management for climate protection". Further discussion by members will follow input presentations on the EUTR/EUDR and interzum 2023. In addition, decisions on various future actions, such as the organization of workshops and other educational activities, are expected. At the dinner that will follow, Austrian media representatives are invited, in addition to a number of host companies. On Friday, June 23, 2023, a plant tour led by Klaus Mittmasser, product manager of frischeis and board member of IFN, will conclude the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Companies interested in participating are welcome to contact the office.



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