Care – veneer makes it really easy

Cleaning furniture of wood veneer

The surface of veneered furniture is protected by lacquer, varnish, oil or wax. On the one hand, this protective layer emphasises the beauty of the wood, on the other hand it helps to maintain the durability and ease of care of the piece of furniture. It is fully sufficient to remove dust regularly by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth or a slightly moist, supple chamois in the direction of the wood grain. A little washing-up liquid can also be added to the water.

Prohibited are: Bleaching additives (e.g. lemon) and all other cleaning and scouring agents. Do not clean coated (lacquered or varnished) veneer surfaces with microfibre cloths. Liquids containing acid, e.g. fruit juices or alcohol, should be dabbed away and the surface then wiped down with a moist chamois.
Pflege von furnierten Möbeln

Cleaning of wood veneer floors

A mop, vacuum cleaner or broom suffices for regular cleaning of lightly soiled wooden floors. Heavier soiling can be removed using a moist, well wrung out floor cloth. Veneered floors must not be treated too wet, as the surface will be damaged in the long-term and the veneer may even detach. Special care products maintain the beauty of the wood floor.

Prohibite are: Microfibre cloths and aggressive household cleaners are definitely.
Pflege von Furnierböden

Quickly repaired

Minor scratches and scuffs can easily be made good in veneer. They can be filled with hard furniture way in the shade of the wood and then coated with a matching lacquer or wood stain. Detached veneer can be glued back on with wood glue or a special adhesive.
Furnier reparieren