I like veneer because ...

Climate change concerns us all. It's about ecology and sustainability and it's also about products. Products that we all use and consume every day. The figures are alarming: Every year around 400 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, of which at least seven million tons end up in the sea. In our opinion, products made from renewable resources are more important than ever.

We at the Initative Furnier + Natur (IFN) have therefore asked people what they like about veneer. And we were positively surprised by the answers we received. The preferences for the natural material are just as individual as the people themselves!

I like veneer because
Wood Veneer
Product: www.pwg-veneerbackings.de
Wood veneer is ecological.
Product: Ontop Barcelona
Wood veneer is real.
Product: www.mi-les.si
Veneer Architect
I like veneer FFF
Product: Ontop Barcelona
veneer table tennis racket