Veneer floors are completely in vogue

Veneer floors lend rooms a natural and individual look and ensure a cosy atmosphere.

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Veneer floors are completely in vogue. No wonder, after all, they lend rooms a natural and individual look and ensure a cosy atmosphere. Anyone who opts for a real wood floor brings a piece of nature into their own four walls in the truest sense of the word. At the same time they protect nature and the environment.

Because sustainable use of wood is the answer to the greatest challenge of our time – climate change. And veneer is quite simply the most careful use of the resource wood. If veneer did not already exist, someone would have to invent it.



Veneer floors are characterised by a technically high-quality and simultaneously robust structure. During its production a veneer layer is joined to a substrate material made of compressed wood fibres.

Thanks to glue-free click jointing, veneer floors are very quick and easy to lay. The individual veneer floor panels only have to be joined together. A large advantage of veneer floors is their small build-up height. This makes them ideally suitable for renovation work.

Oak is the classic among veneer floors. Rustic, wild veneer floors are currently very much in demand in Germany. But there a large range of designs are available, so that the right veneer floor exists for every taste.

Considered globally, today’s tastes vary from continent to continent. In South America reddish veneer floors are mainly in demand. The Europeans prefer brown tones. Finally, in North America, all kinds of different veneer floor tastes dominate simultaneously.

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Johannes Schuster

In Austria the company KAINDL produces all kinds of different floorings, including veneer floors, under the guiding principle "Quality floors. Made in Salzburg”. What began in 1897 as a small sawmill is now a global player in the floorings sector. As a longstanding product manager, Johannes Schuster has participated decisively in the development of real wood floors.