Veneer at interzum @home2021

Bonn. From May 4 to 7, 2021, no trade fair gates will open in Cologne, but servers. On board of the digital interzum @home is the Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN). Under its umbrella, nearly 20 international IFN member companies will present their classic veneers, veneer products and innovations. The veneer companies and the IFN booth are united as one, just like in a real exhibition hall. The participating IFN member companies present themselves in compact company portraits. Their employees will be available as contact persons next to the office. Here visitors can contact them digitally and ask their questions. Interesting videos, for example on functional veneer trends in architectural projects and the ecological benefits of veneer, can be clicked on and viewed around the clock.

"In 2021, good old interzum will be a purely digital marketplace. Exhibitors and visitors alike are excited to see how this format will work and what its success will be," explains Axel Groh, Chairman of the Board of the Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN). The Cologne supplier fair interzum is and remains thereby the world-wide most important trend fair and achievement show for the furniture production and the interior fittings. A constantly optimized product quality, technical innovations, more efficient technologies, the view on resource conservation, combined with the increased demand for design, always gave the furniture and interior design industry a visible innovation boost after interzum. "Presence trade fairs will come back, but digital will no longer disappear. The veneer industry has accepted the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic and is happy to meet this challenge," Axel Groh sums up. In addition to the classic veneers from the hardwood sector, first and foremost oak, the increasing demand from the international furniture industry for softwood veneers is striking. Here it is larch, pine and fir that are increasingly being processed into veneer. This development shows, on the one hand, the growing importance of genuine and ecological natural materials for end customers and, on the other hand, a resource-conserving approach to visible surfaces by the processing furniture industry, even with rather inexpensive woods. Combined, for example, with guide panels, softwood veneers significantly enhance the value of even inexpensive furniture.

The IFN members participating in interzum @home are: Balti Spoon/Moehring-Group, decospan, Europlac, S.R.O. - Röhr GmbH, Fritz Kohl GmbH & Co KG, Furwa Furnierkanten GmbH, HWB Furniere und Holzwerkstoffe GmbH, J. und A. Frischeis GmbH, Josef Grabner Furniere GmbH, Kirchgasser Furniere GmbH, Koppensteiner Furniere GmbH & Co. KG, Lubelski Fornir Moehring-Group, M. Kaindl OG, Roser AG, Schorn & Groh GmbH, Ulrich/IVC Group, Wehmeyer GmbH & Co KG, Wilfried Koch KG.

Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN)
The Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) e.V. was founded in 1996 by the German veneer industry and its partners. Today, it is supported by European companies from the veneer industry, trade and veneer processing industry as well as professional associations of the timber industry. The aim of the association is to promote the natural all-round material veneer.

www.furnier.de oder www.furniergeschichten.de und Instagram: #furnier_und_natur

Photo 1: Axel Groh, chairman of the board of directors of Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V. (IFN)

Photo 1: Axel Groh, chairman of the board of directors of Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V. (IFN)