Care for wood properly: With these recommendations veneers keep their beauty permanently

Bonn. Veneer is made from the best of the forest: Wood. And since no two trees are alike, each sheet of veneer is a small, natural work of art. To ensure that it stays that way - for example, in high-quality furniture - there are a few things to keep in mind. What that is in detail, reveals the initiative veneer + nature registered association. (IFN) from Bonn, Germany.

Two types of veneer surfaces are basically distinguished: open-pored and sealed. "Open-pored veneers consist of natural woods, which must be cared for with appropriate care," says Ursula Geismann, managing director of IFN and a long-time living analyst. For light contamination, a soft, dry and above all clean cloth is the first choice. Microfiber cloths, on the other hand, are not a good idea; they can cause unsightly scratches on the veneer surface. If a polish should or must be used, for example because a stain on the wood is to be concealed or to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, milk polishes are a good choice. These are best applied very thinly with a mint duster and worked into the natural material without much pressure.

Treat sealed veneer surfaces with a slight dampness.
In contrast, sealed veneers can also tolerate a little moisture. "However, it is immensely important not to overdo it. A slightly damp cloth should be enough," says Geismann. Then, he says, the area must be carefully rubbed dry. A soft cloth that is passed over the damp area without exerting great pressure is the method of choice here. The same applies to sealed veneers: Do not use microfiber cloths and use milk polishes sparingly. Cleaning, polishing or even scouring agents, on the other hand, are absolutely taboo.

IFN Practical Tip:
If a wooden surface becomes soiled, speed is of the essence: The quicker, for example, the coffee stain or the mishap with the wine glass is removed, the less danger there is that traces will remain on the wood. (DS)

Initiative Veneer + Nature (IFN)
The Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) e.V. was founded in 1996 by the German veneer industry and its partners. Today, it is supported by European companies from the veneer industry, trade and the veneer processing industry as well as trade associations of the wood industry. The aim of the association is to promote veneer as a natural and climate-friendly all-rounder material.

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Photo: With the right care, veneer remains beautiful for many years. Photo: IFN

February 14. 2022

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With the right care, veneer remains beautiful for many years. Photo: IFN