Fine materials from the forest: Veneer is the fillet of the tree

Bad Honnef. Wood per se already has an attractive surface, which is always individual and is thus unique. Only veneer is even more attractive, because it shows the full splendour contained within a tree trunk or log. This makes the wonderful material from the forest the “fillet of the tree”.

Anyone who has occupied themselves with the topic of veneer quickly recognises that nature has created something very special here. Because veneer has much in common with the works of famous artists. “Thousands of skilfully combined colour nuances and innumerable looks, from gentle to wild, enhance this wonderful material acquired from especially selected logs. It decorates the surfaces of all kinds of different objects - from the classic veneered piece of furniture to extravagant kiteboards or veneer spectacles through to the interior of exclusive cars”, explains the Secretary of Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN), Ursula Geismann. Depending on the required appearance, the fillet of the tree is obtained from the familiar and popular oak, as well as from the ash and walnut. In addition, the wood of the maple or beech and many other species are exclusively selected in the entire world and are then converted into veneer. Yet not every tree contains valuable veneer: “Only those with an attractive wood grain or figure, varied colouring and an overall well grown structure have the chance of being converted into a fine one of a kind", says Geismann. What then follows is the subsequent metamorphosis of simple everyday objects through to small and large works of art for nature enthusiasts and at the same time, modern individualists - almost as attractive as nature itself. IFN/DS

Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN)
Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) e.V. was founded in 1996 by the German veneer industry and its partners. The purpose of the association based in Bad Honnef is to promote veneer as a material. It is funded and supported by European companies in the veneer industry, trade and the veneer processing industry as well as professional associations of the timber industry.


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Photo 1: The fillet of the tree during processing. Photo: IFN/Sarah Maier collection

Photo 2: Wonderfully attractive: veneer. Photo: IFN/Furnierwerk Wehmeyer

Photo 3: This veneer is fine and exclusive. Photo: IFN/Furnierwerk Wehmeyer