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timber worXs

The worXs group was founded in 2021 and supports projects in several EU countries.

Timber worXs (a brand of worXs group GmbH) is the first holistic digital platform for the raw timber trade.

With timber worXs, existing processes are optimized and economized to make trading more efficient for all parties involved.

From digital log recording to the trading process and subsequent invoicing, timber worXs maps the entire trading process. With the app–supported recording of the raw timber, the entire process is already fully digitalized on both the buying and selling side.

A central processing unit with participant verification and guarantee management ensures maximum security for trade processing.

Product range:

Record raw wood in the forest
  • Recording of raw timber via mobile app or our cooperation partners
  • Geodata
  • Standardized import of existing data, e.g. from harvesters
  • Integration into Smart Forest Labs (digital twins)
Check data
  • The recorded raw wood is checked and completed on the PC
  • Our intelligent user concept maintains a four–eye principle
  • Consideration of federal structures of large and small forestry operations and the wood processing industry
Publish auction
  • The auction offer is published on the platform
  • Differentiation between a large number of local and national offers
  • Individual use by covering all common business transactions
Completing the purchase
  • A purchase contract is automatically concluded after a successful auction and internal review by our trade monitoring team
  • Completely digital: no further contract work necessary – standardized and legally compliant
Process delivery
  • We approve the delivery of the raw timber and monitor compliance
  • All documents are made available for post–processing
  • Support for common standardized data formats (e.g. ERP)