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© Schorn & Groh NUO. Incredibly flexible wood textile as a leather alternative. © Schorn & Groh CoCo. Veneer in warm shades of brown, produced with an environmentally friendly and gentle process without the addition of ammonia. © Schorn & Groh Table tops. Gigantic dimensions complement the lumber range of Schorn & Groh © Schorn & Groh muto GRID.  Grey horizon © Schorn & Groh Fleece-laminated perforated veneers are available in over 140 different types of wood, from classic walnut and valuable Makassar to rare burl veneers. © Schorn & Groh Fleece-backed veneers with an extra thin surface are particularly well-suited for backlit objects.


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Few things are more in tune with the spirit of the times than one of the world's oldest materials: wood.

Whether in living rooms or offices, hotels or limousines - real wood is something special. Countless variants and color nuances bring nature and life into our rooms. Wood can be modern, extravagant or restrained and radiate coziness.

Product variety made of veneers en masse.

For 60 years, Schorn & Groh has been one of the leading companies in the veneer industry, and the Karlsruhe experts continue to focus on high-quality veneer from all over the world. More than 140 wood species are part of Schorn & Groh's range, including many FSC®- and PEFC™-certified framing logs, burl veneers and other rarities. All available wood species can be viewed digitally in the manufacturer's veneer gallery, and veneer inspections can conveniently take place online thanks to the online merchandise system that will be completed in 2020. In recent years, the southern German company has also strengthened its name in the industry through numerous innovations. FOR HUGE DEMANDS

The considerable warehouse with over 6 million m² of veneer - which is one of the largest veneer warehouses in Germany - is complemented by high-quality lumber. Over 600 m³ in many trendy wood species are currently in stock in Karlsruhe. The sawn timber is obtained throughout from logs that are of veneer quality. In particular, the species European oak, American walnut and curly maple are in stock in qualities A and A+. The lumber comes from the same growing regions as the veneers offered by Schorn & Groh. This means that it can be selected and processed to match the veneer. Other branches with a wide range of veneer and lumber are located in Ehrenkirchen-Norsingen near Freiburg and in Jettingen-Scheppach in Bavaria, situated between Augsburg and Ulm.

With the solid table tops from Schorn & Groh, customers bring a piece of nature into their own four walls. Schorn & Groh offers these in different types of wood, lengths and thicknesses, with or without edged edges. More than half of the entire stock has a width of over 100 cm. The lengths range from approx. 300 cm to 550 cm. The planks can be calibrated and planed as desired, and the wood surface can be varnished, waxed or oiled. Schorn & Groh is also happy to advise on the selection of the appropriate table frame.


The extensive range of veneers and lumber is complemented by various design semi-finished products for the interior sector, which are manufactured in the company's own veneer splicing plant at the Eschelbronn site. These include veneers with structured, perforated or particularly thinly sanded surfaces, which complement the fleece'n'flex product range, end-grain veneers in panel format, and the latest innovations - muto GRID and NUO. The muto GRID collection presents woven veneers in different variants, which open up a new dimension in terms of design thanks to their unique three-dimensional look. With NUO, the veneer specialist from Karlsruhe broke the boundaries of the imaginable almost two years ago: because NUO is not only high-quality, laser-cut veneer, but also has the properties of a textile. As a result, veneer can now be underpadded, sewn and used for any application that was previously unthinkable.


Those who are looking for the extraordinary have appreciated the exclusive collection "One-of-a Kind" for many years: the outstanding unique veneers convince with special grains, extravagant appearance or a special story. The veneers of the premium collection can only be purchased as complete logs. Just real unique specimens for high demands.


Schorn & Groh has been supporting sustainable forestry for years and, out of self-imposed commitment, only buys in growth areas and from companies that practice regulated logging and replanting. Schorn & Groh is FSC® and PEFC certified. The main areas are forests in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North America.

Schorn & Groh was founded in southern Germany in 1961 and is now one of the leading companies in the veneer industry worldwide. Key products include high-quality veneers from over 140 species, fixed sizes, fleece-laminated fixed sizes, textured veneers, muto GRID braided veneers, Butt Cut end grain veneer, Coco naturally colored veneers, Shining Grey shimmering veneers, the One-of-a-Kind exclusive collection, a wide range of lumber, solid table tops and logs. The new wood textile NUO complements the extensive product portfolio since 2020.

As a customer, you benefit from our many years of experience and our service-oriented, motivated team.