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Roser AG
Sternenfeldstrasse 30
4127 Birsfelden

Tel.: +41 61367 4040
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Roser AG, based in northwestern Switzerland, is a leading player in the commercial wood–based materials sector thanks to products such as panels, doors and parquet - to name but a few. Roser is one of the few Swiss companies to produce veneers in–house and export them all over the world. International customers turn their extraordinary ideas into reality with veneers from Roser: our products feature in the interior decor at Mumbai's Hotel Hyatt, in aircraft and yachts, in the ceiling cladding of the Skylounge in Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the wall panelling in the Swiss Federal Parliament, the Grand Hotel Jungfrau in Interlaken and the new building of the Bethanien Private Clinic in Zurich. The list could go on.

Roser's extensive range of wood–based materials for interior design make it a major supplier to craft businesses in Basel and northwestern Switzerland. Thanks to close collaboration with architects, planners and designers, Roser has achieved renown far beyond Switzerland's borders as a company that can bring challenging projects to fruition. In this regard, a key factor is the ćkonzept.raumĚ, where architects and interior designers can materialise their projects on a scale of 1:1.