R. Ulrich/IVC Group
R. Ulrich/IVC Group

R. Ulrich/IVC Group



R. Ulrich/IVC Group
Stenzelring 21
21107 Hamburg

Tel.: +40 7560 110
Fax: +40 7560 1170

E-Mail: info@ulrich-veneers.com
Internet: ulrich-veneers.com

Your producer & partner for fine veneers.

Since 1938 we at R. Ulrich und Co. have been at home in the veneer trade and today we offer a range of services that leaves nothing to be desired.

The medium-sized family business, now in its third generation, is one of the largest and most important suppliers of veneer worldwide and offers a range of products that is highly valued by the furniture, door and panel industries, right through to exclusive interior design.

As a member of the IVC Group, we are able to offer you not only veneers but also round timber of the best quality. Our veneer factories in America and Germany would also be honoured to be allowed to produce your logs.