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LeuchtNatur GmbH

LeuchtNatur GmbH



LeuchtNatur GmbH
Feldwieser Straße 117
83236 Übersee

Tel.: +49 8642 24416 54
Fax: +49 8642 24416 55

E-Mail: info@leuchtnatur.de
Internet: leuchtnatur.de

LeuchtNatur - The combination of light, nature and technology

Our lights are much more than a simple room lighting. They are timeless pieces of jewelry that are designed to last a lifetime and to fit seamlessly into the interior design of your home for years to come.

In contrast to most luminaires, a LeuchtNatur lamp does not look at its original purpose at first glance - and for good reason. One of our main goals in every new development is to create a work of art that adorns the space.

By combining the most modern and best high-performance LEDs with real wood-coated lampshades, your living space is shrouded in a unique, extremely warm and cozy light.

Each of our lights is unique by the individual wood grain and gives the product an absolute unique character.