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Fritz Kohl GmbH & Co. KG
Laudenbacher Weg 22
97753 Karlstadt

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A short introduction of Fritz Kohl Veneer Mill

Fritz Kohl Veneer Mill has been producing high-end natural veneers of great variety to serve a truly international customer base for over sixty years now. The family- owned business, located in Karlstadt in the south of Germany, has made quality and exclusivity its key principles right from the start - in purchasing hand selected logs from all over the world, maintaining highest standards of production and being able to provide customers of vastly diversified fields with veneers according to their specific need. Kohl products can be found to adorn shop fittings for international brands as well as dashboards of exclusive cars and interior decoration for hotels, office buildings, yachts and airplanes.

This diversity of end products in a wide variety of different looks is made possible by a constant stock of approximately nine million square meters of veneer in more than a hundred and fifty different wood species - covering everything from commercial species like Oak and Walnut to exclusive and individual woods like Ziricote, Macassar, White Ebony or East Indian Rosewood. Each with a distinct grain pattern all its own, showing nature's beauty in all its facets. Most species are also available as lumber, being part of an ever growing selection of both boule cut and square edged boards being produced at Fritz Kohl, both supplementing and expanding the possibilities offered by natural veneer.

Naturally, ecological concerns are not neglected either: Fritz Kohl is participating in external certification platforms like FSC or PEFC as well as having implemented an internal system of due diligence to ensure reliability, sustainability and responsible forestry management of sources all over the world.