Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH
Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH

Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH


The raw material wood processed into premium veneers is always the basis of our components for exclusive vehicle interior trim. The recyclable material aluminum can be ideally combined and processed with our veneers. The result is a breathtaking interplay in form and appearance. The use as well as processing of brass or copper additionally rounds off the aesthetics of our products in every field of application. The wide range of possibilities for combining with wood is demonstrated by the use of various composites - but also by high-quality solid surface materials (composite materials made of stone, such as HI-MACS®). These also create a unique symbiosis with wo


Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH
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Fritz Kohl Concepts: A BRIEF PORTRAIT

Since 2018, Fritz Kohl has had a new division in the veneer sector with the newly founded subsidiary "Fritz Kohl Concepts GmbH". Here, everything revolves around the new development and marketing of technical veneers, among others for the automotive industry. Exciting materials are used and almost limitless designs can be created. For more information, visit–