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Decospan develops, produces and markets wood products with respect for people and nature.

At Decospan, we believe that wood not only contributes to beautiful and warm living and working spaces. It also improves the quality of life. Based on this conviction, we are looking for total solutions to easily integrate this beautiful and renewable natural resource into our daily environment.

As a market-oriented lifestyle company, we like to exchange ideas with the client, the processor and the client. In our extensive range of products for wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and acoustic applications we always find the right solution. We have all the trump cards to meet the specific needs of our customers: a treasure chest with more than 150 wood species, state-of-the-art machinery, a sustainable business model and a flexible team of employees.

In addition, we distribute a range of branded products as accessible answers to the most common furnishing questions.

  • Decopanel = veneered panels
  • Decoflex = flexible veneer sheets
  • Decolam = a joined veneer deck pressed onto a phenolic kraft paper
  • Decoply = a veneer sheet made up of two or three layers
  • Wall solutions: classic wood cladding, wooden beams, veneered tiles
  • Oak floors = Decospan is characterised by a wide range of wooden floors. from high-quality veneer flooring to system parquet flooring with oil or Paint refinement. Floating installation and glued installation.
  • Project supervision
  • Custom-made
  • Acoustic solutions
  • branded wood solutions: Querkus, Shinnoki, Look'likes, Nordus, Par-ky, Cabbani, Woodcoustics, Astrata