Exciting anecdotes about the fascination for a very special natural material

Bonn. The passion for veneer, packaged in entertaining and informative films: The successful campaign "VeneerStories" of the Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) tells of the love and enthusiasm of special people for the natural material veneer. Not only are unique, fascinating products made of veneer presented, but also the designers behind them and their passion for the special "filet of the tree".

How much passion for veneer fits into three minutes of film? Quite a lot! Wolfgang Kettnaker, the owner of Kettnaker Möbelmanufaktur in Dürmentingen, proves this, for example. His company became big with veneered furniture. For five generations, they have lived and loved the unique natural material made from the best of the tree. The company's own veneer masters take care of turning an attractive, noble piece of furniture into a unique work of art, which then turns normal living space into a homey living environment for many years and decades to come.

Equally enthusiastic about the natural material, the South Tyrolean Norbert Öttl completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. But the young man had a second great passion - modeling. So he was drawn from his hometown of Merano to the fashion capitals of the whole world, in particular the fashion city of Milan became his second home. There he not only learned a lot about fashion, but also had to realize to his regret that wood hardly plays a role in the fashion world. While still pursuing his modeling career, he had a brilliant idea: combining his passion for wood and fashion. Since then, he has been producing handmade handbags and suitcases made of wonderful veneered wood under the name EMBAWO.

"Suitcases" of a completely different kind represent the noble and beautiful drums from DW Drums. The drum manufacturer combines the most diverse veneers and this directly affects the sound characteristics of the drums. Company owner John Good is one of the few people who not only recognize the sound, pitch and resonance of drums. He is also a pioneer in researching the relationship between the tension resulting from the different grain patterns of veneers and the sound of drums. Veneer not only looks great, it sounds great!

A completely different sound is conveyed by rapid rides on a veneered kiteboard. Standing on a board, the kiteboarder is pulled across the water by a stunt kite (eng. "kite") as fast as an arrow. Although the origins of kiteboarding (in German "Lenkdrachensegeln") go back to the early 19th century, kiteboarding has developed into a mass sport only in the last ten years. There are already more than 500,000 kiteboarders worldwide, and many of them have discovered the beauty of the specimens coated with precious veneer.

These are just a few fascinating examples of the wonderful world of veneer, which can do so much more: Chic cars, modern mobile homes, the interior finishes in residential and commercial buildings, uniquely beautiful bathtubs, downhill skis for passionate winter sports enthusiasts, or even longboards for evening rides in the park or along the river promenade are among them. Many of these products and their creative creators are presented at www.FurnierGeschichten.de - in the form of pictures, texts and well-made, entertaining film clips. IFN/DS

Initiative Veneer + Nature (IFN)
The Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) e.V. was founded in 1996 by the German veneer industry and its partners. Today it is supported by European companies from the veneer industry, the trade and the veneer processing industry as well as trade associations of the wood industry. The aim of the association is to promote veneer as a natural all-rounder.

Further information on the subject of veneer at www.furnier.de oder

Figure 1: Kiteboard with veneered surface. Photo: IFN/Designer: Achim Allrich

Picture 2: Exclusive cases made from the best of the tree. Photo: IFN (www.embawo.com)

Picture 3: Noble eye-catcher: veneered designer furniture. Photo: IFN (www.kettnaker.com)

Image 4: Veneer provides a special sound. Photo: IFN (www.dwdrums.com)

September 28, 2022

Kiteboard with veneered surface. Photo: IFN/Designer: Achim Allrich

Exclusive cases made from the best of the tree. Photo: IFN (www.embawo.com)

Noble eye-catcher: veneered designer furniture. Photo: IFN (www.kettnaker.com)

Veneer provides a special sound. Photo: IFN (www.dwdrums.com)