Veneer in the trend - the railroads join in
Tips for the climate-friendly future

Bonn. Climate protection is a must for everyone who wants to act responsibly. Climate protection today means security for the generations of tomorrow. However, many people wonder how they themselves can contribute to climate protection so that the political goal of a significant reduction of climate-damaging CO2 can also be met. The Initiative Veneer + Nature (IFN) provides a few useful tips that each of us can actually implement. For example, as of this month, Deutsche Bahn has switched from plastic cutlery to veneer cutlery in its to-go catering area. Knives, forks and spoons are stamped and pressed from birch veneer sourced from sustainable forests. With around 500,000 pieces of cutlery produced each year, this is an active contribution to climate protection. At the next party, each:r of us can take the railroad as an example, and buy veneer cutlery instead of plastic. It is compostable and can be recycled.

That wood pulls CO2 from the atmosphere and stores carbon has been known for 220 years. Forests are the green lungs of our earth and therefore act as a carbon sink in the climate system. In order to relieve the atmosphere of CO2 in the long term, it is important to manage the forest sustainably, to reforest with tree species adapted to the location, and to manufacture and distribute wood products. Wood is a valuable gift of evolution. By behaving prudently, buying wood products and avoiding plastic, everyone:r can help slow climate change.

The IFN tips for climate-friendly everyday products:

  • Buy cutlery made of veneer for the next garden party. Even plates are already available from pressed bamboo veneer.
  • If plastic, then with as high a proportion of recycled plastic as possible. Many retail chains in the food and drugstore sector pay attention to this. So always read carefully.
  • Soap, fruit, vegetables ..., many items are now offered with paper or cardboard packaging. There are also already completely plastic-free supermarkets.
  • Mouse pad made of veneer, keyboard and mouse made of real wood are eye-catchers and fully ecological.
  • To keep food fresh, there are wax and beeswax papers.
  • Online and offline's at the optician eyeglass frames made of different colored veneers. Hip, chic and climate-friendly.
  • The sandwich belongs in a reusable box. The there is again as in the past made of metal with pressure or twist lid.
  • Socks, stockings, underwear. More and more suppliers pack with compostable veneer sleeves, of course, made of real wood.
As real wood, veneer is a quality product of special ecological quality. A thick log is cut thin for veneer production and many square meters of real wood surface are created. At the end of its useful life, veneer can be composted. Veneer is the thinnest solid wood in the world and its most economical option. "The use of wood and veneer and sustainable forest management can make probably the most important contribution to climate protection. We need to start reducing greenhouse gases now. Our freedoms today must not take away the freedoms of future generations," explains Ursula Geismann, executive director of the Initiative Veneer + Nature (IFN).

Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN)
The Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) e.V. was founded in 1996 by the German veneer industry and its partners. Today, it is supported by European companies from the veneer industry, trade and the veneer processing industry as well as trade associations of the wood industry. The aim of the association is to promote veneer as a natural all-rounder material. The IFN is an international association that, in addition to German regular members, also has members from Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Estonia, Sweden and Slovenia.


Photo 1: I like Veneer because the next party will be sustainable. Photo: IFN
Photo 2: I like veneer because the next party will be sustainable. Photo: IFN

I like Veneer because the next party will be sustainable.

I like veneer because the next party will be sustainable.