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Koppensteiner Furniere GmbH & Co. KG
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Koppensteiner Furniere GmbH & Co. KG

Two sites -one basic idea: Quality !

Koppensteiner Furniere GmbH & Co. KG is spezialized in veneers mainly in the following species:
Birdseymaple, Walnut, White–Oak and Maple, which we get directly from our own veneer–mill, Amos Hill, in the United States.

In addition, Koppensteiner Furniere can offer many exotic species.

Amos Hill Associates, Inc. , is located in Edinburgh , Indiana, about 30 miles south of Indianapolis, in the mid–west of United States, which is one of the best regions for Walnut and White–Oak.
In Edinburgh an experienced team has been running our veneer production at the highest level for over twenty years. Our own log–buyers in various US States supply us with logs from the finest growing areas in the country,

Our business is based on longterm and really good relationships with our cutomers and our goal always is to be a reliable partner for our customers!